Every step you take opens the door to a new-updated you. Give yourself that opportunity you are good enougth now.

I'm Gustavo Ureña

A woman should be two things: WHO & WHAT SHE WANTS. — Coco Chanel

It is not how you look, but rather how you feel about yourself.

I’m a dad, lover, friend, and sometimes a buffoon.  I enjoy hosting friends over for laughs, food, and good bourbon. I love a good cup of coffee shared with my wife while I watch my two boys wrestling for a toy.

All of the work shown on this site are of amazing brave everyday women—Not models. So if you think you cannot look and feel like a supermodel, I will prove you wrong, because I know you can.

Me in a nutshell
My kids= My light
Rock lover
Red wine, especially Malbec
If Merengue is playing, I have to dance

What I do
Visual Story Telling is my thing. The story of life is intertwined with what we do and not always we know where we are going. Photography helps me help you find your personal story to save as a  reminder of your purpose. Because what it seems to be a very simple portrait session could be the discovery of a new chapter in your life—the liberation chapter, the empowerment or whatever you wanna call it. All I know is you will never see yourself the same way again.


What do you need to rock this?
This is about you celebrating life and saving your legacy for future generations. You just need the desire to discover a new way of seeing yourself—and  of course a few outfits. The rest you leave it up to me and my team. We get to play doll with you with makeup and all kinds of outfits but this is just to make you feel comfortable about this new experience. Because after all, you are already beautiful.




You can either give me a phone call 646.281.1787
or fill this form by clicking here. I will get back to you with 24 hours.



You will need around 5 different outfits. From night gowns to a pair of jeans, I want you to have variety. Sometimes you are not sure what to pick,  just bring everything. I’ll help you choose your best 4 outfits.



You will be very nervous but this is expected. Dont’ worry we will tread you like and queen. By the end of your session  you will be an expert in posing and in confidence.



At the end of your session you will get an email with dates to book you ordering appointment. You will comes back to the studio to view all of your gorgeous images. Then we will help you choose the best products for your images.

There are barely any words that can describe how happy and satisfied I am with Gustavo’s work. He was so great with my baby’s first photoshoot!!! He is very professional and friendly and such an easy going person…. Loved that he takes your input in the shoot and involves you as much as possible!!! Excellent photographer if not THE VERY BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Y Mota
Y Mota

Telling him my ideas and him bring them to life was the BEST feeling! Gustavo really understands you, and captures the moment to the max! Professional, creative, and modern. In other words amazing photographer!! Highly recommended!!

Radaisa Batista
Radaisa Batista

A great photographer!!! Very creative and has such a great artistic eye! He did my niece’s newborn ‘s pictures and they are adorable!!!!

Anabelle De La Cruz
Anabelle De La Cruz

Gustavo is a sensational photographer and an amazing professional. I hired him for my son’s baptism. The way he captures details through photos is truly art. He is also a pleasure to work with, never pushy, highly values your input in what you want to capture and then just truly transforms it. I would highly recommend him to anyone as besides offering an amazing work of art he also has great prices.

Carla Concepcion
Carla Concepcion


This is about you and your future legacy. and we are here to make it happen!


The Whip

Luz makes sure that everything works at the backend. I call her the whip.



MakeUp/Hair Designer

La Guzman is the master of brushes. She will make you look gorgeous and ready to rock your shoot everytime.



MakeUp/Hair Designer

La muñeca, heroine of the lip gloss and curly iron. She wont stop until you look your best for the camera.



Light Wizard

Luna, as her name discribed is the wizard of ligth. She makes sure that we got the best ligthing to get your best angle.


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