As time passes I have learned to become in-tune with my emotions. I don’t know when this new way of feeling hit my head. Maybe it was the reach of my mid thirties or the new found love for my children…. the only thing I know is that now I’m a different person when it comes to letting my feelings do their stuff—If not, ask my wife Luz.

Everything happens in a brief moment, but you feel it build up as the years pass until one day it explodes. After that there’s no turning back,  no more reservation. You become a free-flowing river of affections.  The need of hugging, kissing,  telling how much the other person means to you and sometimes how you don’t give a fuck about certain things just becomes an everyday item… and I’m loving it.

This is what brings me closer and closer to my human side, to my true DNA…  I’m beginning to embrace the awkwardness of the moment and feeling every second of it and doing something about it.

Enjoy this beautiful story. She’s everything to me.

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