Quitting Social Media, this is something I’ve been giving some thoughts for a couple of months. Even tough my photography business is very much intertwined with this “social” aspect I just feel I need to make the switch to real human social interaction for at least 6 months…

The Why
Here is the thing, most of the time I post on Instagram or any of the social media channels and I can’t rest well. I’m just picking up my phone to see if I see any notifications to just go and check and recheck… It just getting the best of me.  I feel that I don’t get to really enjoy whats important and don’t get to do things that will create solid relations with my clients. Of course, I need to use them but in a different way.


Here is what I’m thinking of doing.
I will quit “viewing” social media for six months. That means that I will not open it or physically post anything on it. If I feel I need to post something I will write a blog post in any of my blogs. This gets push to social media automatically, meaning I don’t have to go in and get lost. This will give me the opportunity to really focus in what really matters to me without the NOISE. I know that it will take some time to adjust but it will be fine.

Beginning this March 1st. I will be disconnecting to all social media channels. You will see post of me but they will be automate post from my blog. I will delete ALL apps from my phone and will block the access from my computer.

I will report my findings soon.